As payroll experts, we can help keep your focus where it belongs.

Our payroll service can be customized for the specific needs of your business, allowing you to have as much, or as little, direct involvement with payroll as feels comfortable to you.

Grow Your Business With Right Payroll Services

We offer accurate, up-to-date payroll recordkeeping. Records are properly maintained to make it easy to access information for reporting purposes. Our customizable payroll services are available to fit the needs of any client and include:

Peace of mind

Our payroll professionals manage the payroll process so your employees can be paid accurately and on time. Rest easy knowing our payroll professionals are managing your payroll from start to finish, minimizing your risk of costly errors or fraud.

Accurate payroll

Let our experts manage your payroll so that your employees can be paid accurately and on time in order to stay compliant with CRA requirements. To check our work, there's a review process – giving you visibility to your data.

Government compliance

Our knowledgeable small business payroll and HR professionals stay up to date on payroll matters and can support you with information about employment records, tax filings, and changing government requirements. We'll help manage compliance so you can focus on your business.

Year-end activities

Celebrate year-end with your employees and your family instead of with your books. Ceridian's small business managed payroll team handles your year-end activities including adjustments, preparing returns and reconciliations. Just review and approve. You'll also start the next year with data analysis and reports.

Take payroll and HR off your to-do list

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